mo’ ol’ photo….

19 01 2010

these are from over a year ago… first time messing with this lens… thank you Jacob for letting me use this camera for so long… thanks for the intro to 35mm fam!



18 01 2010

So my boys Todd Sykes and Evergreenone have been doing ish in the tac for awhile now…. Well my boy Erik Soderquist decided he wanted to make a video for them… this was his first attempt, and a god damn good job! keep a look out for more Tacoma hip hop videos to come! Great job guys!

just some of my random35mm photography…

11 01 2010

a few graffiti flicks…

9 01 2010





9 01 2010

Tacoma’s been in need for a good hip hop show for a while now. Well the Artifakt crew is giving us just what we need! With raw acts such as FICE, D.BLACK, HELLADOPE, ME (DJ REIGN) and DJ HANIBAL on a dope 2×4 set and dope art hung by ANDREA ROSLIE, LOLITA GUNSLINGER, AARON VORONOFF, JEFF OLSON, and KENJI! I wouldn’t miss this show if I were you. They night should be packed and the set should be memorable!

so ive decided i like wordpress better…

30 12 2009

I havent been to this blog in about a year or so. I started a new blog from my phone at blogspot and didnt really like it. So long story short, im back with wordpress and im going to start updating this one agian instead…
So its the start of a new year coming up and ive got a lot of things going on coming 2010. This is going to be the place to see what Im doing, where im playing, what im working on, etc.
To start things off, me and BZ productions (Billy Z), have a weekly coming up here starting Jan. 8th at Jazzbones on 6th ave every friday night in Tacoma! So look foward to some dope cuts and fun nights coming soon!


17 04 2009

Well this Freshblends where proud to bring you guys The Wright family. Hailing from Eugen Oregon, the crew consists of 3 people, Kid Espi, JG, and a female vocalist. This should be a real fun night! We also have Qrime, J-fresh, and myself rocking a 3×6 turntablist set of funk, hip hop, and some of the dopest breaks you’ve ever heard! We also have Seattle’s own B-Awake. He’s defnitly not someone to be slept on! With production from some of seattle’s hottest producers, he’s sure not to disapoint! Well we have alot more better and bigger show planned for you guys in the future so keep your eyes and ears open! peace!

the Wright family